StoryCafe - The London No. 1

The London No. 1

StoryCafe Case Study

The Challenge

The London No. 1 is a premium gin manufactured, distilled and bottled in England. It is often selected for crafting the perfect Gin & Tonic due to its refined blend of 12 different botanicals from around the world, giving it a unique complexity and perfect balance. When The London No. 1 Gin was ready to debut in the United States, the new brand needed a way to encourage socialites to try the unique blue gin. While The London No. 1 Gin is known for its quality of ingredients and special distillation method, the liquor needed a way to stand out amongst other blue gin brands.

The Solution

StoryCafe partnered with Vin Divino to create an interactive application that would not only increase awareness of the new liquor, but also encourage fans to try new cocktails and begin crafting their own. The application encouraged users to vote for the best mixologists in four major cities who were pitted against one another in an attempt to find the perfect The London No. 1 Gin cocktail. StoryCafe hand selected influencers to build buzz around the contest by participating and sharing their experiences with fans through social media.

The Influencers

Our influencer strategy was based on building a geo-centric buzz around The London No. 1 Gin on the back of trusted brand evangelists. Their job was to convert that buzz into clicks over to an app where they could vote for their favorite drink. StoryCafe selected young, fresh influencers who had built a following based on their continued history of food blogging and photography. The photography element was crucial because it allowed for the brand to have new social assets going forward.

We selected influencers that fit three criteria:

• They had to be strong on Facebook and Twitter, because they needed to be capable of creating link traffic.
• We needed millennial foodies who had a history of posting about cocktails, for reasons of authenticity and fit.
• They needed to be locals in the participating cities (Boston, Chicago, Miami, and New York) so they could go to the bars, meet the mixologists, sample signature cocktails, and encourage followers to join in via social media.

Using sophisticated foodies and socialites to build buzz around the campaign, alongside word-of-mouth from the bartenders, The London No. 1 gin became a popular favorite throughout the cities.